All you need for this recipe is some carrots (as many as your family’s going to eat), some olive oil (a couple tablespoons will do it), a little Tony Cachere’s Original Creole Seasoning, and some aluminum foil.

Get started by warming the grill to low or medium-low. 

Now, cut the carrots into 2-3 inch segments. Baby carrots are already about this long, so you can skip this step. Now, slice the carrots lengthwise so that each slice is 1/4 inch in diameter or less.  For baby carrots, I usually cut them into 1/3rds or 1/4ths.

Next, lay out a sheet of aluminum foil long enough to fit all carrots laid side by side (up to 3 carrots high).  For a pretty good stack of carrots, this could be 15-20 inches of foil. Then, Lay the carrots out on the foil but just 1 layer high. 

With the carrots laid out, you can drizzle olive oil over the carrots. Use enough to coat all the carrots if you mixed them around. This is probably a couple tablespoons depending on how many carrots you cut up.

Then sprinkle Tony Cachere’s Creole Seasoning over the carrots (to taste).  Now, mix in the oil and seasoning.  I like to just use my hands to mix it all around and get the carrots coated in oil and seasoning.

How much seasoning you use really depends on how spicy you want them.  If you’re not into a lot of spice, go light.  Cover them about as much as you might salt your corn.

Now, stack the carrots 2-3 high on the aluminum foil and fold up the foil.  I like to fold it lengthwise at each end of the carrots.  Fold up the two flaps.  Where they meet at the top, roll them up.  Then just roll in the 2 ends of the foil and you have a nice rectangular aluminum package filled with carrots.  Next, wrap a 2nd layer of foil around the first in the same way.

Next, place your aluminum carrot package on the heated grill. I like to grill them on the top rack. They take longer but get softer.  Grill for about 5 minutes on the lower rack (more like 8 on the top) and then flip them over.  Then do the same on the second side.  

That’s it.  Now just take them inside, open them really carefully, and you’ve got some delicious, grilled spicy carrots.

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