Clean water is essential for survival during an emergency. However, what are some things that you can use to purify water during an emergency?

The four most common methods to purify water during emergencies are by using a backpacking, camping, or gravity filter, or iodine tablets. People should avoid using a water pitcher for purifying water in an emergency. It is important to understand what each of these products is, what they look like, how they work and where you can find them. We’ll also explore other methods to purify water, and why they are effective or ineffective at purifying water during an emergency.

Backpacking Filters

What is a Backpacking Filter?

A backpacking filter is a water filter that is designed to be lightweight and for personal use during outdoor adventures.

What Do Backpacking Filters look like?

These filters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some backpacking filters come as a bag that is inserted into a backpack. These bags have a straw attached to them making it so a backpacker can clip the straw to a backpack strap and drink as they are hiking or traveling. This also makes it so the filter is easy to remove and clean between adventures.

Other types of backpacking filters look like water bottles. They are made to collect water in the bottom of the bottle and filter it while it is in the bottle and as you drink through the straw. Some companies have even forgone the bottle and have made straws that filter as you sip. These backpacking filters can be used by putting the straw directly into the river or lake and drinking.

Basically, a backpacking filter is a small object that has a filtration system and a way to consume water using a straw or opening.

Where can you find Backpacking Filters?

You can find backpacking filters at camping stores like REI, Dicks Sporting Goods, and Cabela’s. Backpacking filters can also be purchased online from a variety of stores, including Amazon. It is recommended that you look into the specific model that you are interested in to ensure that it is effective and will be a worthwhile purchase.

How do Backpacking Filters Work?

Backpacking filters work by moving water through a filtering element by squeezing or applying pressure through a straw. Dirty water is cleansed and becomes safe to drink. These types of filters also often have a carbon portion to the filter to help improve the taste.

Why Backpacking Filters Are Effective

Backpacking filters are effective because the filter collects all of the dangerous organisms and particles and allows clean water through the other side.

Camping Filters

What is a Camping Filter?

A camping filter is similar to a backpacking filter, as it is a system that filters water and removes things like bacteria, protozoa, and sediment. However, camping filters can be larger and heavier than backpacking water filters. Some are even large enough to supply water to multiple people. Backpacking filters can also be used while camping, but camping filters are less likely to be used for backpacking due to their size and weight.

What do Camping Filters Look like?

Camping filters come in many forms. Similar to a backpacking filter, a camping filter can be a straw, a bottle, or a bag with a straw. Camping filters can also be found in the form of a pump that is attached to a bag. You would need to use the pump to get the water into the tube and make it move through the filter. Pump filters can be quite large and are useful when filtering water in shallow puddles.

How Do Camping Filters Work?

Camping filters work similarly to backpacking filters in the sense that they filter water by forcing water through a filtering material or compartment. However, the means of moving the water can change depending on the model. For pump filters, the water is forced through the filter by the energy you use to pump and pull the water through the tube.

Why Camping Filters Are Effective

Camping filters are effective because they make water go through a filtering element that catches bacteria, small particles, and other dangerous items. They are also effective due to their large size. These types of filters work best for getting clean water for groups of people.

Gravity Filters

What is a Gravity Filter?

A gravity filter is a container that uses gravity to force water through a filter. The most common type of gravity filter comes in the form of a bag with handles. The handles make it so you can hang it from a tree branch or another object.

What do Gravity Filters Look Like?

Usually, a gravity water filter will be comprised of two bags that are connected by a tube. Sometimes, it will be comprised of a bag with a long tube. With this type of gravity filter, you will need to use another container to collect the filtered water. The single-bag models are useful for situations where you have a base camp and you and your group are using water bottles during your outdoor adventure. This way you don’t have to make a reservoir or find a way to collect all of the filtered water at once.

The bag(s) will also have handles or other means to tie the bag up to a tree or other support. This makes it so you will not need to hold the bag while it filters the water. The bags will be larger than any other type of filter. Some models can even hold up to 12 liters of water at a time.

However, some gravity filters can only hold up to two or three liters of water at a time. These are the best models for personal use. Many people swear by and love these products.

Where can you find a Gravity Filter?

The easiest place to find a gravity filter is at a camping supply store. You can also make your own gravity filter using a variety of tools and pieces of equipment. This filter is the easiest type of water filter to make on your own.

How do Gravity Filters work?

Gravity filters work by using gravity to move unclean water from the reservoir through the filter to another reservoir or container. They are considered to be the most convenient type of water filter, as they don’t require you to use a lot of energy to move water through the filter.

Why Gravity Filters are Effective

These filters are effective because they can pull large amounts of water through the filter quickly. Bacteria and other materials are caught in the filter, making the water safe to drink.

Iodine Tablets

What is an Iodine Tablet?

An iodine tablet is a compound that is placed into contaminated or unclean water to kill most viruses and bacteria. These tablets typically have a compound called tetraglycine hydroperiodide and are able to kill protozoa and neutralize radioactive material. These types of tablets are often used as a secondary purification method because it doesn’t kill two bigger and more concerning bacteria: giardia lamblia and cryptosporidium.

What do Iodine Tablets look like?

Iodine tablets come in a bottle similar to medications and supplements. They are often small, circular tablets that can be placed inside a water container.

Where can you find Iodine Tablets?

You can find Iodine tablets at camping supply stores, in some emergency kits, and at some general stores like Walmart.

How do Iodine Tablets Work?

Iodine tablets work by releasing Iodine into a bottle or container of water and using the chemical composition to destroy and kill off bacteria, viruses, and some additional compounds. A person will typically use two tablets per quart of water. After they are put in the bottle, the water needs to sit for 30 minutes in order to be safe to drink. This amount of time allows the tablet to be completely dissolved and incorporated into the water.

Once this is done, the water will be a brownish color and might taste acidic. This type of purification is not as effective at removing sediment or other pieces of organic matter as other types of filters and purifiers.

Why Iodine Tablets are Effective

Iodine tablets are effective because they release a safe amount of chlorine into the water. The chlorine kills off most bacteria and viruses, which makes the water safe to drink. This process is a common one for purifying water and is used in filtering water that comes from sinks and other sources.

Boiling Water

How do you Boil Water to Purify it?

The process of boiling water to purify it is simple, which is one of the reasons why so many people boil the water they intend to drink while hiking or engaging in outdoor activities. The first thing you need to do is collect water in a pot or pan. After that, put the pan onto a heat source like a stovetop or fire pit. Once the water starts to bubble continuously and vigorously, it is recommended that you should leave the water for one to three minutes. After one to three minutes, take the pot off the heat and let it cool completely. The water will be purified and ready to drink once it is cool.

Why Boiling is an Effective Method to Purify Water

Boiling is an effective method to purify water because the heat kills bacteria and other microorganisms that can be dangerous for humans to consume. In fact, most microorganisms cannot live in temperatures over 160 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 30 minutes. Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, which will eradicate any organisms in unclean water.

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Water Filter Pitcher During Emergencies

What is a Water Filter Pitcher?

A water filter pitcher is a pitcher that has a filtering system built in. These types of pitchers are made to filter water that is safe to drink. Usually, people use a water pitcher to clean water that has an off taste or is an odd color.

Water filter pitchers look like normal pitchers, but they have additional pieces and mechanisms inside the pitcher. Most have a basin that holds the filter in it. You can find water filter pitchers in most grocery stores and online stores.

How do Water Filter Pitchers Work?

A water filter pitcher is a useful tool that is easy to use. You simply need to fill up the pitcher in the appropriate manner in order to use it properly. With many models, you will simply open the lid and pour water into the basin with the filter. Once the water is inside the basin, the water will be pulled through the filter and put into the pitcher. Once the water has moved from the basin to the bottom of the pitcher, you can pour the water directly into a drinking container.

Why Water Filter Pitchers are Ineffective at Purifying Water in an Emergency

Water filter pitchers can be an essential tool in normal circumstances, but they are not useful during emergencies. These filters are not made to remove all of the possible harmful materials found in unclean water. Water filter pitchers do not remove pathogenic bacteria, some petroleum products, microplastics, and many other minuscule but dangerous substances.

They are also extremely large and bulky, which means that if you put a water filter pitcher in a backpack or other lightweight bag, it will take up a lot of room. This means that you will have less room for essential supplies like food and medical supplies.

Do not use water filter pitchers to filter water during an emergency, as you can still become severely ill if you consume the water.

Overall, there are many things that you can use to filter water during an emergency. The types of filters talked about above are extremely easy to use. Ultimately, the type of filter you choose to use during an emergency will vary depending on your personal preferences, how much room you have in your backpack filled with emergency gear, and your budget.

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